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An invaluable reference for an overall but simple approach to the complexity of quantum mechanics viewed through quantum oscillators Quantum oscillators play a fundamental role in many areas of physics; for instance, in chemical physics with molecular normal modes, in solid state physics with phonons, and in quantum theory of light with photons. Quantum Oscillators is a timely and visionary book which presents these intricate topics, broadly covering the properties of quantum oscillators which are usually dispersed in the literature at varying levels of detail and often combined with other physical topics. These properties are: time-independent behavior, reversible dynamics, thermal statistical equilibrium and irreversible evolution toward equilibrium, together with anharmonicity and anharmonic couplings. As an application of these intricate topics, special attention is devoted to infrared lineshapes of single and complex (undergoing Fermi resonance or Davydov coupling) damped H-bonded systems, providing key insights into this rapidly evolving area of chemical science. Quantum Oscillators is a long overdue update in the literature surrounding quantum oscillators, and serves as an excellent supplementary text in courses on IR spectroscopy and hydrogen bonding. It is a must-have addition to the library of any graduate or undergraduate student in chemical physics.

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