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With emphasis on the physical and engineering principles, this book provides a comprehensive and highly accessible treatment of modern lasers and optoelectronics. Divided into four parts, it explains laser fundamentals, types of lasers, laser electronics & optoelectronics, and laser applications, covering each of the topics in their entirety, from basic fundamentals to advanced concepts. Key features include: exploration of technological and application-related aspects of lasers and optoelectronics, detailing both existing and emerging applications in industry, medical diagnostics and therapeutics, scientific studies and Defence. simple explanation of the concepts and essential information on electronics and circuitry related to laser systems illustration of numerous solved and unsolved problems, practical examples, chapter summaries, self-evaluation exercises, and a comprehensive list of references for further reading This volume is a valuable design guide for R&D engineers and scientists engaged in design and development of lasers and optoelectronics systems, and technicians in their operation and maintenance. The tutorial approach serves as a useful reference for under-graduate and graduate students of lasers and optoelectronics, also PhD students in electronics, optoelectronics and physics.

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